Is ASPNET And C# Same

I must admit, my knowledge of Web Forms is very limited, but here’s a super-helpful article for if you want to learn more . This is a powerful web-application creation tool that is bound to ASP.NET. HTML is extremely easy to learn and can be done almost overnight. There are more tags than you could ever care to learn, but once you’ve got the basics of HTML it’s all about remembering which tags go with which elements. Not to be confused with C++ (with which it co-exists), the C# language is based off C++. The comprehensive language can and has been used for utilities, operating systems and gaming (to name a few).
ASP.NET works as a cross-platform running on Windows, Linux, Docker, and macOS. It extends the .NET platform with libraries and tools mainly for developing web applications. And so, basically, the difference is that ASP.NET is a framework for websites, and C# is a programming language used on this framework. You write code in a programming language and you use a SDK to speed up development.
Is ASP.NET and C# same
The execution of C#’s architecture is on a .NET platform. At the same time, its programs are on a virtual execution system and a set of class libraries. The system is also known as Common Language Runtime (CLR). Though any of the pre-assembled Java libraries can be used by another language built on top of the JVM.

What’s the relationship between c# and

To develop a web application, a programming language and a framework are required to ease the development by importing required libraries from the framework. The features and functionalities will be made inbuilt in the framework like the ASP.NET framework. Here both ASP.NET vs C# equally important and required for developing a web application in the modern world.
Is ASP.NET and C# same
It allows users to write safe code and also focuses on writing efficient code. You can easily develop .NET applications that can run on Linux, Mac computers, and Windows. You can add animations, dropdown menu’s, image slides, etc. If you haven’t, then this is your recommended course.


Well, to beggin with, C# and VB are languages, where ASP.NET is a framework… C# is also a popular language on the NET What is ASP.NET platform, so people often say C#.NET. The same thing used to happen for C++, where people would call it Visual C++.
Is ASP.NET and C# same
C# stands for “C Sharp” and is an object-oriented, dynamic, analytical, procedural, prescriptive form, multipurpose programming language. C# is a computer language developed and administered by Microsoft Corporation. Sandeep Bhandari holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computers from Thapar University (2006).

Head To Head Comparison Between ASP.NET and C# (Infographics)

Using the tool “ildasm.exe”, which is freely available in Microsoft SDKs (and might already be on your computer), you can see how C# code is converted into meta data and IL. I’ve included a sample at the bottom of this answer as an example. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service and acknowledge that you have read and understand our privacy policy and code of conduct. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most.

You write code in the language of your choice to use the functionality in the .NET framework. Stack Exchange network consists of 183 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Here I provided you a link where explain what is C# Language and the .NET Framework Platform Architecture. Remember that

C# is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, and it runs on the .NET Framework.

  • To develop a web application, a programming language and a framework are required to ease the development by importing required libraries from the framework.
  • ASP.NET Core merges ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages into
    one application framework.
  • The non-.NET version is usually called “Classic ASP.”
  • ASP.NET is used to create interactive, data-driven online programmes that are accessible online.
  • ASP.Net is an extension to the provided .Net library to enable applications written in C# or VB.Net(or other .Net targetted languages) to work as a website.

You’ll need to learn the above basics before jumping into C#, and finally into something called MVC. If you’re interested in learning more about ASP.NET, then you should be interested in web design. If you’re interested in web design, then you should have already heard of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The difference between these two makes them very hard to actually compare. It’s something of a difference to end all differences.






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